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'She blinded me with science!' (Thomas Dolby 1982)

So as we know Headcase Cancer Trust provides funding to The Cellular and Molecular Neuro-Oncology Research Group at Portsmouth University. We thought it would be good if you can see where your money goes so we've got some exclusive video of our current PhD Researchers, Mikaela and Kathleen in action (along with Prof, Geoff of course). First though here's a little bit of info on the Team's focus….

Research focus

The Team's research is focused on understanding the complex biological behaviour of brain and intracranial tumours.

The focus of Geoff's group is fivefold:

  1. to understand how gliomas (aggressive brain tumours) and other intracranial tumour interact, move and invade through the normal brain;
  2. to investigate how brain tumours maintain growth and progression in the normal brain, by studying blood vessel formation and the complex relationship to hypoxia;
  3. to study the metastatic spread of cancers into the brain and nanoparticle drug/therapeutic gene delivery;
  4. to identify how brain tumours maintain self-renewal and development by studying rare populations of brain tumour stem cells, and the complex relationship to hypoxia; and
  5. to identify how each of these mechanisms sustain the aggressive growth of brain tumours, and how therapeutically targeting these mechanisms might result in tumour cell death (apoptosis) and degeneration.

You can find full details of the Group’s work at…… but why not take a sneak preview by clicking on the video below?


(I had to look it up as well !!)……

Hypoxia is a deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching body tissues

Anyway here's a shortish video from first Kathleen and then Mikaela discussing their projects in some more detail……..