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'I've got a pocket full of Pretty Green' (The Jam 1980)

If you're serious about raising money for Headcase then brilliant! What we're hoping to do here is make that much easier for you and hopefully change the way you think about, and go about, fundraising. You should start by considering the next sentence carefully.

The single most important rule for fundraising is that you must engage with the people that you are asking for money – simply asking them just isn't enough anymore.

So what exactly do we mean by 'engage'?

Well……… we at Headcase strongly believe that you have to give people something back in order to make them invest in you. That could be them buying a ticket to an event or a piece of merchandise that they actually want to own.

OK, but how does that translate to my own fundraising? Good question!

Single Event Fundraising

If you want to participate in a single event to raise money then make it something interesting or something that's significant for you in terms of the challenge. For example people have raised money for Headcase by running a marathon, taking on the Ironman Triathlon challenge, swimming through a whirlpool, bungee jumping, skydiving, walking along walls (Hadrian's and the Great Wall of China), cycling across The Pyrenees and from John O'Groats to Land's End. All sorts of stuff really.

Secondly they key is to communicate with the people that you want to sponsor you. We recommend that you start a blog, set up a Twitter feed and Facebook page to keep people up to date with what you are doing. You should keep people up to date with your fundraising and perhaps your training, share your thoughts and feelings, tell them why you are fundraising. Basically make it personal and you will engage with people much, much more.

Thirdly make it easy for people to sponsor you. Use Vodafone Text Giving (through Just Giving) because, although the maximum donation is £10, it is very quick and immediate (and free to use). You should also set up a Virgin Money Giving page and/or a Just Giving page so that people can donate online.

Multiple Event Fundraising

Another way to raise significant amounts of money for Headcase is to get your friends and family involved in a series of fundraising events.

This is exactly what Tony Russell did when his friend and fellow Chelsea fan Colin was diagnosed with GBM. Tony set himself a target of raising £50,000 but took the unique strategy of doing that with other Chelsea fans, his work colleagues, his Son, Colin's family and work colleagues. Between them they held a pub quiz, they put on an evening event in the City of London, took part in the Nice Ironman Triathlon, held a Cabbie's collection at Heathrow airport, put one of our collecting buckets on a market stall, took on the 3 Peaks Challenge and a whole host of other things. 

Tony and Colin set up blogs and produced posters and newsletters to give out at their events. For the pub quiz and City event they provided food and entertainment in return for the price of a ticket then donated all of the profits to Headcase. Basically they engaged, they gave people something back for their money.

Oh yes….. and they beat their £50,0000 target!

Raise over £300 in your sleep (well almost…..) 

logo-hires-easyfundraising OK first off let's look at fundraising that doesn't cost you a single penny. It's called EasyFundraising and here's how it works.

  1. You shop online
  2. The Partner Retailler makes a donation when you buy
  3. It doesn't cost you anything

Once you've registered with EasyFundraising make sure you use Find and Remind and everytime you search for something to buy online EasyFundraising shows you which Retailers are partners and just how much of a donation they will make. You can shop with over 2,000 well known stores (including Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, M&S, Debenhams, Tesco Direct, Next, eBay, Boots and The Trainline) and each will donate up to 15% of what you spend. For example, John Lewis will donate 1%, Amazon 1.5%, The Body Shop 6%, some insurance retailers will even donate up to £30 simply for taking out a policy with them!

logo-hires-easysearchYou can also raise money for Headcase everytime you search for something on the web with Because Headcase is registered with EasyFundraising, we also also appear on EasySearch and you and all of our other supporters will raise ½p with every search you make.

On average using EasySearch will raise around £25 per year which may not sound a lot but it all adds up!

Let your Boss do the work for a change and Headcase will pocket around £500 to boot!

A lot of companies are now match funding whatever their employees raise for charity. Typically this is capped at £500 although some companies do match higher amounts. So if you want to raise some money for Headcase then you should also speak to your employer about match funding or making a contribution even if they don't formally match fund.