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'Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit' (Chas and Dave 1980)

Be honest…… stats are both dull and depressing and does anyone actually read them?

We could give you a list of startling and shocking facts about life expectancy (14 months on average) with GBM and the chronic underfunding of research to find a cure for GBM (around 1% of total cancer funding) but it's not really engaging is it?

We find that the best way to engage with people is to talk to them, so we asked Prof. Geoff to tell you about GBM. He will tell you why it's so hard to treat, how and why it's so invasive in it's nature and what radical strategies Geoff and his Team are looking at to find a way to beat GBM.

We gave Geoff 2 minutes maximum (he did go a few seconds over though!). So over to you Geoff….