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'Yeah, the future gets written today' (Beady Eye 2013)

OK so, we've already told you that Headcase is the ONLY charity in the UK currently raising funds solely to provide research to find a cure for the most common and aggressive type of adult brain tumour called a Glioblastoma Multiforme or GBM. The reason why we're doing that is that brain tumours as a whole receive just 1.4% of total cancer spend in the UK and that's an amount that we feel is, quite simply, crap.

We've also mentioned that we currently fund Prof. Geoff Pilkington and his Team at Portsmouth University and our plan is to raise enough money each year to fund them entirely. Just so you know that's £1 million! Yes you read that right……. £1 million each and every year.

We don't expect to do that overnight so we've put a 5 Year Plan into place to achieve it. Also we don't expect to achieve our aims just through conventional fundraising. We want to engage people differently, we want to give you something back for your money! We're creating a series of events from our Charity Ball to a Rock Gig…. we're going to take our Headcase brand into the marketplace to create quality items that you'll want to purchase just because they're good, rather than offering you somethimg cheap to buy just because 'it's for charity'.

We want to be different to other Charities, not because we can, but because we feel that we should be. We want to stand out, we want to engage people, we want you to come with us, we want to find a cure for GBM. Simple. Period. Fact.