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Becky Speirs

Becky was my wife and mother of our three children, aged 6, 10 and 11 when she died of a brain tumour at the age of 40. Becky had been suffering with increasingly bad headaches and then vomiting for about 3 months and it was starting to get worse. The doctors missed the signs and failed to diagnose a brain tumour, but I don’t blame them. The outcome would have Read more [...]

Colin Burrows

Colin had been suffering from increasingly severe headaches for approximately 6 months. He also felt cold all the time and was sensitive to fluorescent lights. In September 2008, after losing some of his peripheral vision, he had an emergency MRI scan and was finally diagnosed Read more [...]

James Connolly

GBM really is the antithesis to life. It is so aggressive and cannot be destroyed, only delayed. You don’t think about this until it hits, devastating your life. It is not only research and funding which need to be increased in this area......... It is a sea change in the way people think Read more [...]

Tony Giles

In early October of the same year having just finished some work on his tractor, there was paperwork to be done including the monthly tax return. After shuffling some papers for 10 minutes he looked up and said 'I can't do this and I can't sign my name !'. Read more [...]

Joyce Smith

Emily, Vanessa and I would like a lot more medical research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of Glioblastoma brain tumours to be undertaken so that another tragedy like this can be prevented in the future. Read more [...]

Colin Smith

Colin Smith is the inspiration behind Tony Russell and his vast army of friends and colleagues that set out to raise £30,000. You can read full details of everything related to this at You can read Colin's full story at but here is a copy of the Last Post entered by Colin's Wife, Helen, shortly after Colin died........ Well, my Colin has gained his wings. What a hard road that man travelled! It’s Read more [...]