Memory Wall

Ostap Kurlak

66 Years Old

My husband Ostap, was a gentle, loving, caring and kind person, with a wonderful sense of humour. Originally from Nottingham, Ostap moved to Brisbane, Australia, in 2004. Most people would agree that Ostap’s main purpose in life was making people happy, with his witty remarks and quirky sense of humour and just lending a helping hand.  He had many interests and hobbies, including cycling, skiing, sailing, flying, photography, electronics, motorbikes, Land Rovers and woodworking and basically led a very full and busy life, helping as many people as he could along the way. He was loved and respected by all who knew him.

Ostap’s journey with the GBM Brain Tumour began in September 2018 at age 64, after he had a massive tonic-clonic seizure for the first time in his life. After undergoing numerous tests and scans, they found a mass on his brain, and recommended that he have surgery ASAP.  A couple of weeks after the surgery, in mid-October 2018, he was told the devastating news that he had a very aggressive type of Brain Tumour, called a Glioblastoma Multiforme, with an average survival of about 12-15 months.

Ostap underwent all the available standard treatment on offer (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy), as well as every other type of complementary / alternative type of treatment that was available. He fought the GBM brain tumour for 2.5 years, but his symptoms from the GBM Brain Tumour gradually worsened.

By November 2020, Ostap was permanently confined to a wheelchair, unable to walk or stand up.  His speech had also greatly deteriorated, the once happy and cheerful personality gone.  He could no longer smile or laugh and he couldn’t even read, as his field of vision had been severely impacted. Eventually, his ability to speak, swallow, eat or drink, or do anything independently for himself also disappeared. And, I became Ostap’s full-time carer at home.

Ostap passed away at home, a place where he always loved to just “be”, in March 2021. He was only 66 years old.  And, despite the horrendous deterioration in his health, particularly in the last few months of his life, Ostap never complained – he remained calm and dignified throughout his illness, and accepting of God’s will.

We hope that through raising more awareness of this devastating GBM Brain Tumour disease, that more funding for research can be raised, to hopefully one day find a cure.  Ostap’s family and friends in the UK will also be remembering Ostap and paying tribute to his life, by donating to this wonderful charity organisation Thank you.