Do Not Save Toby!

£300,600 raised, so far!

Toby Must Die!


Welcome to our Crowdfunding Campaign to raise £1 Million so that we Don’t Save Toby!

Firstly though, apologies to anyone called Toby. We really don’t want you to die. Honest.

However Toby the Brain Tumour definitely has to die. Let me explain…

‘Toby’ was the name that one of our Supporters gave to their GBM. It helped then to focus on beating it by giving it a name. No idea why they chose Toby. However we have chosen Toby to be the focus of our campaign to raise £1 Million to pay for a First in Human Trial of the combination vaccine that is being developed, with Headcase funding, by the ‘Wizards’ in the John van Geest Laboratory at Nottingham Trent University (NTU).

In total we will have invested £200,000 at NTU to get us to the stage of moving into a human trial. If work continues successfully at the current rate we want to start the trial in early 2022, which in itself would be an amazing thing as we will have roughly halved the time that it normally takes. This is in no small part down to the guys at NTU. Visionaries one and all!


However we now need YOUR HELP as we simply can’t do it without you.

Toby Must Die! will enable perhaps 200 people to undergo treatment in a Human Trial that yes, is experimental but it will have the backing of proven science and laboratory based results behind it. If Toby Must Die! is successful then thousands more people will benefit if the Human Trial is also a success.

By fundraising or simply donating YOU will be helping initially hundreds of people, young and old, to Kill Toby! After that YOU will be helping thousands of people and be able to say that YOU have helped find a cure for an incurable disease. What’s not to like?

Please come with us and help to achieve Our Vision of finding a cure for GBM.

The combination vaccine being developed by NTU is a potential game changer and the results so far are encouraging.

You can read about our progress to date on the Project at NTU in the News section.

Check out our Fundraising Guide to see just how easily you could raise up to £1000 so together we definitely Do Not Save Toby!