Memory Wall

Shane Bownes

45 Years Old

Shane was one of those people who really did live life to the full.

An only child he kept everyone on their toes from the minute he was born, his parents Brian and Elaine describe a boy who was constantly curious about everything in life, bringing home insects, grass snakes etc in match boxes to study at home and generally being naughty and challenging as young boys can be, certainly one of a kind.

Shane only went to work to earn the money needed for his leisure time but as a perfectionist he was good at his job. He could take any thing apart and put it back to together a month later knowing where every nut and bolt went. I remember a time when he tackled one of those puzzles with different shapes that you have to make into a cube. He did it in less than 10 minutes and wS accused him of cheating!

Shane had many interests over the years, including snorkeling, chess and snooker but his passion was sea fishing. A passion that was so strong he gave up a potential career as an international long distance runner to continue his hobby. He won many awards and was never happier than when he was challenging his wit and cunning against that of a fish. He would often get up early in the summer to fish from 5.30 before work and after leaving me a bit of a fishing widow but I never minded because it made him happy and gave me time for my interests as well.

I met Shane when we were in our thirties and it was to become a second marriage for us both. A big practical joker he always went one step too far but would get away with it because of his quick wittedness and cheeky smile. I was drawn to his honesty and zest for life that was infectious. He was loving, respectful and we had a truly equal relationship. Quite early in our relationship my sister commented that we bickered like an old married couple and without hesitation we both said ‘thanks’ taking it as a real compliment as it was never serious. Ours was a marriage that started strong and then continued the same as we grew into one another. For me that was compounded by the way he took my children Imogen and Dominic into his heart, although we made a decision early on not to have any of our own.

Shane was 45 when he was diagnosed and he tackled the illness as he had every other challenge in life, head on. He told me that he didn’t need a bucket list because he was happy with what he had done in his life. His naughtiness continued and I remember a day in the town center running after him in his electric wheelchair, literally scattering people in his path with me running to keep up and being told off because they thought he was somehow mentally ill. Shane was the fittest person we all knew and the last anyone expected to become ill but that is the cruelty of GBM, if it decides to take hold there is nothing you can do to stop it. Sadly Shane had complications after his initial surgery and his journey only lasted 5 months, but during that time he showed everyone what his family already knew, what a truly amazing person he was. He was inspirational and we laughed,cried and grabbed what life we had together literally until the very end.

Shane has left a big hole in all our lives but he taught us how to live it

Karen Bownes