Memory Wall

Trevor Minchella

65 Years Old

Trevor Minchella was, and always will be, one in a million. A loving husband, father, brother, and son-in-law who would do anything for anyone.

What started as problems with vision was quickly discovered to be a result of a mass on the brain. After a biopsy, this was diagnosed as a glioblastoma multiforme, and we were heartbroken.

For treatment, Dad underwent surgery and then radiotherapy – both of which had nasty side effects. Even in the hardest times and through pain, he managed to make his family and friends laugh, and battled on with unimaginable courage and faith.

Dad passed away peacefully on the 26th July surrounded by family.

Dad never really lost hope and remained positive right until the end. He made sure that we made more memories that would last a lifetime, even adding another member to the family when he was a ill – Mycroft a little Westie, who brought us comfort and distraction in the difficult times.

We all aspire to have the courage he did, and continue to do the things that he loved. Whether that be his love of food, Italy or watching Sunderland play football.

Whilst it is still hard to imagine a future without Dad, especially so for all those special occasions in life, he will undoubtedly always be with us.

We love you, bonne chance monsieur!