Fundraising & Donating

OK, so here’s how fundraising works the Headcase way.

We’re looking to engage 1000 people each and every year to raise £1000 each (and it’s not as difficult as you might think… raising a grand that is!). Without resorting to a calculator (no cheating at the back!) you’ll see that comes to £1,000,000 and that’s how much we need to fund our Research Programme.

But… and here’s the crucial difference…. we empower you (if you want to be empowered of course) to say exactly where you’d like the money you raise to go. If you want it to go towards a clinical trial of a repurposed drug or a new drug, then so be it….. if you want it to go to a cutting edge project looking at nano-technology drug delivery methods, then we’d be only too pleased to oblige…. perhaps you’re interested in cancer vaccines, your wish is our command….

We’ve got a Headline Campaign called ‘The 1000’ (working title) on both Virgin Money Giving and Just Giving that you can hook into with your own fundraising pages (we prefer Virgin as their fees are less!). That way if you just want to help raise the £1m you can easily do so. There are a number of sub campaigns also should you want to hook into one of those to be more specific where your money goes. If you want we can set up a new campaign just for you.

We believe that you will greatly increase your fundraising if your supporters know where their sponsorship or donation is going as well. Also don’t forget to tell them also that over 98% of their donation is going directly to research! (even more if we can claim Gift Aid!)

So how do you easily raise £1000?

The easiest way is to find an event or challenge to participate in and get 100 people to sponsor you £10 each or 10 people to sponsor you £100 each (you get the idea…). If you want to take that approach then give yourself plenty of time in which to raise the money. However if the event is 6 months away people just won’t engage with you and if it’s next week then you won’t get enough publicity out there in time. We suggest that 3 months is a good starting point which gives you enough time to get publicity out there and enough time to spread out the emails and texts asking people to sponsor you.

Alternatively you could look at taking a holistic view and spread your fundraising efforts over 12 months using a variety of fundraising ideas raising varying amounts over the year. Remember that you cab record both online and offline donations on your Virgin or Just Giving page so that everyone can see the total that you have raised.

For example…

  • If you do an event/challenge then ask people for a specific amount e.g. £5 and no more (trust us more people will donate if you do that)
  • Also approach your employer as many will match fund your efforts. Many employers also have funds that you can apply to for Charity Grants.
  • Hold a social event at your house e.g. Garden Party (this can easily raise £250 – £500). Include cakes, a few drinks, a raffle etc. Great way to have fun with your friends at the same time.
  • Sign up to EasyFundraising and every time you shop online Headcase gets a donation from the retailer
  • Set up a Standing Order for 12 months and make a small monthly donation to Headcase yourself

Be clear from the outset that you are aiming to raise £1000 over 12 months and don’t ask the same people every time as they will get donation weary very quickly.

Good luck!

Donating to Headcase

Donating to Headcase is really simple.

Donating to Headcase means that 98.2% of your donation goes directly to research to find a cure for GBM brain tumours!

Headcase Cancer Trust has an incredibly low cost base meaning that over 98% of monies received go directly towards research. In fact if you add in Gift Aid we can confidently say that…..

for every £1 we receive £1.05p goes directly to research!

We are able to keep our costs so low because we do not operate like traditional, old school, Charities. We are a modern Charity using modern business methods and a modern (and radical) marketing & fundraising strategy. Crucially we do not employ a single person! No one takes a salary or any other income from Headcase and we promise that they never, ever will do. Simple. Period. Fact.

So, if you are thinking of donating to Headcase then you can be certain that your donation won’t be wasted and over 98% of it will be going directly to where it matters most!

1. You can send us a cheque payable to Headcase Cancer Trust to

Headcase Cancer Trust

Brook Cottage

Middleton Scriven



WV16 6AG


2. You can make a direct donation through our Headcase Just Giving page – just click on the link below….

3. If you want to make a regular donation you can also do that by setting up a Direct Debit through Just Giving….

Whatever method you choose we’re delighted that you want to support Headcase and our vision of finding a cure for GBM Brain Tumours!