Friends of Headcase drink gin, fill up bottle with 5p pieces

  • Posted: October 2021
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How many 5 pence pieces can you cram into a gin bottle? asks Headcase Treasurer Andy Johnson.

Well, Richard and Beattie from Church Stretton managed to fill a London Dry Gin bottle with 2,102  5 pence pieces – I know because I counted them. That’s £105-10 which they donated to Headcase Cancer Trust.

Oh., and there was still just room for an old pre-decimal sixpence as well.

Many thanks Beattie and Richard.

Why don’t you try filling an old booze bottle. See if you can beat Beattie and Richard. You can then pay your coin collection in at any branch of Barclays Bank, or into your own bank then straight into the Headcase account.

Contact us and we’ll let you know the details.