Headcase goes Green – Recycled Prog in memory of Paul Milsom raises £430!

  • Posted: November 2021
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We love this!

You may remember reading about the Prog for Peart gigs earlier this year? Well one of the bands from those gigs was hired by 3 friends in Gloucester to perform in memory of their friend, Paul Milsom, so that more funds could be raised for Headcase. Terry Barnes got in touch with Headcase to tell us…

Bravado, a Rush tribute act and participants of Prog for Peart, finally played a hugely successful near 3 hour show at The Guildhall Gloucester on Sept 24th 2021, to a crowd of 200+.

The show, organised by Matthew Williams, Alan Waine & Terry Barnes (with promotion material designed by his son James) had been over 2 years in the planning; with repeated postponements since April 2020 due to Covid restrictions.

The organisers, with permission from Bravado, wish to donate the profit; after all expenses were met, of £430 to Headcase (after hearing about the charity from the Prog for Peart fundraiser organised by Mark Cunningham).

They make the donation in memorial to Paul Milsom, who passed away from Glioblastoma in August and was a close friend of Alan’s and of course in tribute to Neil Peart, Rush’s drummer, who passed away in January 2020, also from Glioblastoma.

Terry goes on to plea…

excuse the colour of my Prog fof Peart shirt – I had a considerable amount of Gloucester Breweries ware spilt over me during the show 😉