Research News – additional £100k for NTU

  • Posted: May 2022
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OK, so that you know where and how your donations and fundraising money is spent, we’ve just signed off on just under £100k for the next set of tests on the cancer vaccine at NTU.

Whilst the results on V1 of the vaccine were impressive the anticipated level of patient coverage was less so. Therefore we have decided, in conjunction with NTU, to re-run the tests using V1+ of the vaccine which produces a higher T-Cell response in the body. Additionally the wizards at NTU have identified a new antigen target that is prevalent in many samples of GBM. This will be added to the vaccine, and if successful, will mean that c80% of patients can be targeted with the vaccine to help combat GBM.

Further, if these tests are successful then we have a far greater chance of succeeding in a Trial Application. The work is due to complete in April 2023 and we’ll be getting regular updates from NTU on progress and, as always, we’ll keep you updated.