Shaun Rayne: Mad? Possibly. Riding with Rick? Definitely!

  • Posted: June 2021
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Amazing People Doing Amazing Things.

Shaun Rayne may be slightly mad. He is riding 420 miles in just 3 days, including 21,000ft of climbing (think 5 x Ben Nevis) , to raised funds for Headcase in support of his friend Rick, who has a GBM.

Shaun will be riding 14 times(!) from Audlem to Royal Stoke Hospital, where Rick has received brilliant care. 14 is a significant number as this is the average survival in months for a GBM sufferer. Rick has gone beyond that now and that’s fantastic news.

Rick will be supporting Shaun during his cycling marathon and if you want to support them both then here’s the link to Shaun’s GoFundMe page

Shaun has already raised a big chunk of his £1000 target, so if you can help push him over the line we’d all be delighted.

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