Siobhan Murray rides 970 miles. Raises £1300!

  • Posted: October 2021
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Siobhan Murray is amazing! Not only does she provide volunteer support for Pedal The Pyrenees she’s also ridden the length of the UK raising nearly £1300 in the process for Headcase!

Perhaps it’s best to let Siobhan herself tell you about the journey…

We did 970 miles and 51,781 feet climbing. It took 10.5 days. We started on Monday 23rd August after spending the night in Thurso and heading for John O’Groats nice and early. The first day was 124 miles which was a rude awakening tbh. The weather was amazing! The views were incredible as we headed towards Inverness.

We were very lucky with the weather – we only had one wet day and the wind was blowing from the north so behind us. The problem with this was it was much colder than we expected as we moved South. The weather in Scotland and Yorkshire was fabulous but then it all went a bit downhill and keeping hydrated wasn’t a problem.

We were very well supported by our crew (including Bobby the springer spaniel) and we were fed very well 😃

Arriving in Cornwall greeted us with some very steep hills. They never ended. On our way to Lands End we passed several groups who were just starting their own challenge going Lands End to John O’Groats. I was quite jealous and wish I could go back the other way.

We had champagne at the end and took some photos. Though not of the traditional Lands End sign as there was a long queue and you had to pay £8 for the privilege. No one in the queue had a bike – they were all just there for a day out. So we opted not to join the line.

We went for lunch instead.

Cycling for over 10 days was an amazing to see our country.  Now I am toying with the idea of doing it the other way…..