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Why Headcase?

Why you should join us

We set up Headcase, as most people do, because a bad thing happened to someone. That someone was Becky Speirs. There are however thousands of Beckys out there and we wanted to do something so that other people wouldn’t have to go through what we went through during Becky’s battle against GBM. You can, if you’ve got time, read people’s stories on our Memory Wall.

We chose the name Headcase because we wanted to stand out and shout out. We want to be different to other charities…

We want to engage people in a new way… we refuse to be bound by the ‘rules’ of how a charity should be ‘seen’ to behave… we’re not held back by the bonds that hold other charities… we believe that The Future Gets Written Today! We’re going to kick leaves (and we’re going to enjoy doing so!)… we won’t be using the H-word… we’ll publish and keep you up to date with our Research… we’ll direct your fundraising monies to where you want them to go… we’ll guarantee that no-one will ever be paid a single penny in salary from Headcase… we won’t pester you… we want you to engage with us…

Headcase is an extremely efficient Charity with over 98% of donations going directly to our Research Programmes – not many other Charities can do that. We can do this because we aren’t bound by the ‘rules’. Our Trustees and Head Fundraiser are all Professionals who dedicate their time to Headcase on an entirely voluntary basis. Don’t be fooled though into thinking that voluntary means amateur, we simply believe that every Charity should be run by Professionals on an entirely voluntary basis. It’s our way of giving back to Headcase and to you, pure and simple.