The Tin Man

  • Posted: September 2021
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Meet Brian Bownes. Brian is our Tin Man.

I was lucky enough to meet Brian and his wife, Elaine, in Plymouth back in May of this year. Brian has over 30 Headcase collecting tins placed all over Plymouth. Brian has tirelessly visited shops and businesses in an effort to get them to put one of our tins in their premises. If you live in Plymouth then you’ll no doubt have seen them.

In addition to this, and I think both unique and brilliant, Brian buys, refurbishes and resells Mobility Scooters (I’m really not kidding!). He donates all of the profits from that enterprise to Headcase. The best one is this magnificent example (it’s real, trust me!)

As I said, I enjoyed an hour in Brian and Elaine’s company back in May with a coffee and cake at Malcolm Barnecutt Bakery in Plymouth where one of Brian’s tins sits proudly on the counter. Why not pop in if you’re down that way and support a business that supports Headcase?

Brian and Elaine have now raised over £5,500 for Headcase and there’s no sign of them stopping just yet. They’re doing this in memory of their son, Shane, who sadly died from GBM aged just 45. Shane’s story can be seen on our Memory Wall.